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Fruit Salad With Yogurt⁣

The arrival of warm weather has me craving something cool and light in the morning instead of my usual hearty breakfast. Here is a perfect easy summer breakfast, full of healthy dairy, probiotics, and fruits.⁣

Thank you to @sabrina.iwers of @bloomers.bakery for teaching me this method of making fruit salad. It’s perfect on its own, mixed with yogurt for breakfast, or topped with whipped cream or even ice cream for dessert.⁣

The secret is to dice the fruit very finely, even the blueberries. This makes for the perfect fruit salad.⁣


Tart and thick plain yogurt (my favorite store-bought yogurt is organic Bulgarian yogurt from @whitemountainfoods )⁣




Use whatever ratio of fruits you would like, but make sure to add plenty of bananas for sweetness.⁣

Dice the fruit finely and mix. Spoon on top of yogurt. Serve immediately, mix, and enjoy!⁣

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