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Campsite Breakfast⁣

I have been doing a lot of camping this summer, and cooking nutritious food while camping is very easy and enjoyable. Being in the great outdoors and in the company of your family and friends transforms the chore of prepping and cooking food into a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable experience, as it is meant to be. Sometimes we need to get away from our everyday worries and the dinging of our phones to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.⁣

The basic campsite cooking equipment I recommend having is:⁣

- Cast iron Dutch oven, for cooking on charcoal or propane⁣

- Single-burner propane stove⁣

- If you like to cook with charcoal, get a smoke chimney to light the coals quickly and without lighter fluid⁣

- Cast-iron kettle⁣

- Small saucepan⁣

- Spatula and tongs⁣

- 2 camp sinks and camp dish soap (I use CampSuds) for washing up⁣

This was a very simple meal. For dinner last night, we sautéed up some bacon in the Dutch oven, added potatoes, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and ground beef. This morning, we warmed up the leftovers in the Dutch oven and fried some eggs to eat on top. So easy and so delicious!⁣

I would love to hear about your favorite easy and nutritious camping meals!⁣

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