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Liver Meatballs⁣

I found a recipe for liver meatballs from @thenourishedcaveman claiming that you couldn’t tell they contained liver. Search for “nourished caveman liver meatballs” to find the original recipe. I gave it a try, and sure enough, the meatballs were delicious and my kids couldn’t tell they contained liver! I highly recommend these.⁣

I made some slight adjustments, here is how I made them:⁣


1/2 lb liver (I used beef)⁣

A bit of milk for soaking liver⁣

1 lb ground beef⁣

1/2 lb ground pork⁣

12 oz bacon⁣

1 medium yellow onion, roughly chopped⁣

1 egg⁣

Salt and pepper⁣

Soak liver in milk for a few hours or overnight prior to cooking. Drain and rinse when ready to use.⁣

Chop bacon finely and cook in a large frying pan until cooked well and almost crispy. Remove from pan and leave rendered bacon fat in the pan.⁣

While bacon is cooking, add liver to food processor and process until smooth and liquidy. Add egg, onion, and bit of salt and pepper, and process until smooth. Add bacon to food processor, and pulse to process until it is broken up into small pieces.⁣

Mix the mixture from the food processor with the ground meat, either by hand, or in a stand mixture with the paddle attachment on the lowest speed, until thoroughly mixed.⁣

Heat the bacon fat in your pan on medium or medium-low heat. Drop spoonfuls of meat mixture onto pan and flatten slightly with a spatula. Cook for 4 minutes on one side uncovered, then flip and cover pan, and cook for another 4 minutes. Cook all the meat in batches in this way.⁣

Serve hot and enjoy! ⁣

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