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Liver Smoothie

How do you feed liver to a child (or adult) who refuses to eat it? Freeze it and put it in a fruit smoothie!

This may sound crazy, but it's actually a very easy way to completely hide the flavor of liver. I learned this method from Shag Valley Farms .

Start with some excellent quality liver. You will be eating it raw, so make sure you trust the source. Cut it up into small pieces (see my second picture for example size) and place on a piece of parchment paper. Place in your freezer and freeze overnight.

Transfer frozen liver pieces to a jar, seal tightly, and leave in your freezer.

To make the smoothie, put frozen fruit in your blender. My favorite combination is strawberry and mango. Add frozen liver (one small piece per smoothie serving). Add just enough milk to barely cover the fruit. You want this smoothie to be really cold so that the liver stays frozen while you drink it. If it starts to thaw, you will taste the liver.

Blend until smooth and thick and frothy. The texture should be close to a milkshake. Serve immediately, and enjoy!

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1 Comment

Mar 08, 2023

I can not see the most important: the second picture with the size of liver.

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