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Tapioca Pudding⁣

Here is an easy and delicious dessert that also makes a filling breakfast. It tastes so much better than any store-bought pudding. Make it at home to ensure that you use the best ingredients, and don't over-sweeten. Milk is naturally sweet, so this pudding requires very little sweetener.⁣


1/2 cup small tapioca pearls⁣

4 cups whole milk⁣

Dash of salt⁣

1 tsp vanilla extract⁣

1/3 cup maple syrup⁣

1 egg⁣

3 egg yolks⁣

Soak tapioca pearls in 4 cups of water overnight. ⁣

When pearls are soaked, drain them and set aside. Combine milk, salt, vanilla, and maple syrup on the stove. Slowly heat to a simmer then turn off. ⁣

In another bowl, whisk together egg and egg yolks. Slowly add the hot milk to the eggs, whisking. Add everything back to pot, and mix in your drained tapioca pearls. ⁣

Cook on low heat stirring constantly until the pudding thickens. This happens suddenly, after about 5 minutes.⁣

Serve warm or cold, and enjoy!⁣

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