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Sauerkraut Veggie Salad⁣

I made a big batch of sauerkraut recently, and have been coming up with new ways to use it in recipes. This salad was a huge hit. Eat it as a side dish, or add some cooked chicken to make it a healthy lunch or light dinner.⁣


Cucumber, diced⁣

Grape tomatoes, halved⁣

Red onion, diced⁣

Sauerkraut ⁣

Feta cheese, diced⁣

Steamed corn⁣

Olive oil⁣

Apple cider vinegar⁣

Use roughly equal quantities of all vegetable and cheese ingredients, except for onion. Use 1/3 as much onion as any other ingredient.⁣

Mix all vegetables and cheese. Add olive oil and a bit of apple cider vinegar, and salt to taste. Serve immediately and enjoy!⁣

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